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This practical application of virtual reality shows how VR can be applied to any industrial or manufacturing brand. VR is an excellent educational tool for companies, and can be used in a wide variety of applications from process explanation to environmental realization. Check out this example to learn how your brand can put VR to its best use.

HOW TO WATCH IN 360 and 3D

All devices:
Select the maximum youtube quality available (gear – lower right)
Remember you can pause the video and pan around at any point

On desktop/browser:
Maximize your video (lower right) and use the mouse or WASD keys to navigate around the video in 360 degrees. Functions may depending on your browser.

On mobile device:
With the updated youtube app, select full screen and simply look around with your device. Depending on your mobile device, you may need to navigate the 360 environment by swiping around on the video.

3D Viewing – Google Cardboard:
To view in full 3D Virtual Reality, place your smartphone into a google cardboard compatible holder/lens set. Choose the Google Cardboard viewer icon to launch in 3D. Look around the scene. If your headset has a button/magnet, you can pause the video and look around at any point. You can also use the button to relaunch the video from within the scene.