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WA Museum Invites Visitors To Play With Dinosaurs

| Augmented Reality, Gesture Tech, Interactive Environments | No Comments
Australia recently celebrated the blockbuster exhibition, Dinosaur Discovery, with one of the biggest, and most surreal, interactive environments… SHARE ARTICLE + READ MORE

A Virtual Game With An Interesting Twist

| Gamification, Gesture Tech | No Comments
Utilizing gesture technologies and a projector, Rocket Cinema this year presented Lost + Found. As the player, you get to explore a dimly lit scene…

CityTripClip’s Virtual Reality Lets You Bike Around Town

| Virtual Reality | No Comments
CityTripClip is an interesting virtual reality experience that lets you go on a ride around ton, through the sky, and out even to space without…

Kunstenlab Draws Eyes By Using Eyes

| Electronics Integration | No Comments
Kunstenlab has brought a whole new dimension to their regular, old storefront now that they have the eye stalkers. The little guys are integrated with…

Columbia Showcases The Newest Products

| Product Sampling | No Comments
In a sizable fashion event, Columbia showcased their newest products on stage. They also took the chance to display and let people sample their new Omni-Heat…

HTC Takes Over Skating’s Underground

| Brand Activation, Themed Environments | No Comments
The HTC One skate park invited pros and passionate amateurs alike to come and skate for the release of the HTC One (M8). At this…

Skips Amazing Interactive Music Video

| Web-Microsites | No Comments
In an effort to drive better brand recognition in a younger female audience, Skip Washing Powder has assembled a massive interactive music video in the…

Into The Storm’s Mind Boggling Live Augmented Reality

| Augmented Reality | No Comments
As a part of their Live For Now campaign, Pepsi Max created quite a social/viral stir by having Dynamo do his magic and float alongside…

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