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BACARDÍ Limón VIP Brand Activation Pool Party

| Brand Activation, Photo-Video Activation, Product Sampling | No Comments
Sun, a pool, friends, and Bicardi. What more could you ask for? Bicardi launched their new beverage, Bicardi Limon, in the coolest way possible, with…

Holiday Inn Express Shares Handy Travel Tips + Tricks

| Content Marketing, Education-Training | No Comments
When Dave Hax became "Efficency Engineer" at Holiday Inn Express, he release an educational video like no other. Garnering a viral 2.2 million views in…

FX Arena Lets Fans Interact With Their Favorite Shows

| Themed Environments | No Comments
6 shows, 8 days, 1 amazing pavilion. FX drew huge crowds at the last Comic-Con with an impressive themed environment featuring a hotel American Horror…

Coke Zero’s Massive Multichannel Brand Activation

| Electronics Integration | No Comments
What if a TV ad or billboard could pour you a refreshing beverage? This is what the people at Coke Zero though when the launched…

Verizon Hashtag Lets Fans Color Empire State Building

| Electronics Integration, Internet of Things (IOT) | No Comments
When the Seahawks faced off against the Broncos, Verizon turned to social media to determine the winner. As each fan posted with the tag #WhosGonnaWin,…

OnePlus Product Launch Announced in Virtual Reality

| Virtual Reality | No Comments
A Virtual Reality product launch may sound crazy, but OnePlus didn't think so when they went to launch their newest model of phone. This 32…

Merrel VR Expedition + Themed Tradeshow Environment

| Themed Environments, Virtual Reality | No Comments
Tens of thousands of feet the in the air atop the peaks of the Dolomites in Italy, Merrell took people on a trip, but they…

Lowe’s Holoroom Lets You See Your Choices in 360 VR

| Product Sampling, Virtual Reality | No Comments
Virtual reality is the best tool currently to turn dreams into reality. Lowe's knew this when they created the Holoroom. Customers would customize their own…

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