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KPT Insurance Stirs Up Crowds With A Creative Game

| Electronics Integration, Gamification, Photo-Video Activation | No Comments
Smileball is a simple but insanely creative concept and one of the best uses of gamification and electronics integration we have seen yet.¬†Your smile powers…

Coca-Cola Trades Hugs For Free Drinks

| Electronics Integration | No Comments
Emblazened with the instructions, "Hug Me", Coke's newest experiential marketing vending machine trades hugs for Cokes. This bit of electronic integration was accompanied... SHARE ARTICLE…

Coca-Cola Delivers Happiness With A New Branded Vehicle

| Mobile Branded Vehicles | No Comments
Coca Cola delivered happiness to some thirsty crowds with their newest branded vehicle. Going from street to street, the truck dispensed free cokes and, via…

TNT Puts On A Live Action Movie

| Brand Activation, Interactive Environments | No Comments
TNT shocked and entertained passer-byes in a small town in Belgium recently with an exciting experiential marketing stunt. A small, unassuming button sat in the…

Molson Brings Beer to Canadians The World Around

| Electronics Integration | No Comments
Molson delighted their fellow Canadians the world over with their latest experiential marketing campaign.¬†Fridges were placed in Canterbury, Dover, Northern France, Cassel... SHARE ARTICLE +…

Jaguar Presents A 3D Projection Map On A Transparent Car

| Projection Mapping | No Comments
There is no denying that Jaguar has some pretty fancy cars, but they have taken it one step further by projection mapping a transparent version…

BC Hydro Catches Eyes With Interactive Store Front

| Gesture Tech, Interactive Environments | No Comments
As a part of their Live For Now campaign, Pepsi Max created quite a social/viral stir by having Dynamo do his magic and float alongside…

Mini Cooper Engages Customers With A Car Vending Machine

| Gamification, Internet of Things (IOT), Projection Mapping | No Comments
Mini Coopers are pretty compact, and as it turns out, they are compact enough to fit into a vending machine. Mixing projection mapping and a…

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