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Shell Transforms An Apartment Building

| Projection Mapping | No Comments
Shell Petroleum lit up the night sky in Montreal using 3D projection mapping. During the Formula 1 Grand Prix, Shell turned a normal apartment building...…

Die Tefeln’s New App Raises Money For The Hungry

| Internet of Things (IOT), Location Based Apps | No Comments
The charity Die Tafeln has created a viral stir with their newest app, Miles For Meals. Miles for meals helps you donate to local food…

VW Finds a Fun Way To Get Commuters To Their Destination

| Themed Environments | No Comments
Voltzwagen excited and entertained crowds recently in Germany with a fun little marketing stunt. They invited people to use "the fast lane". Avoiding a long…

Megaman Lighting Gets Creative With Their Product

| Electronics Integration | No Comments
The Megaman light bulb lasts a very, very long time. To prove this Megaman installed a creative piece of art integrated with their electronics. The…

Columbia Educates People In A Frozen Themed Environment

| Electronics Integration, Photo-Video Activation | No Comments
Columbia makes some warm jackets, and to prove it, they set up a frigid themed environment. Going on tour from state to state, Columbia asked…

VW Makes The Road Safer With A Simple Game

| Electronics Integration, Gamification | No Comments
Voltzwagen made one road in Germany┬áconsiderably safer by installing a speed camera lottery. Mixing gamification and smart tech integration, VW took the some... SHARE ARTICLE…

VW Makes Recycling More Fun

| Electronics Integration, Gamification | No Comments
Voltzwagen is using the theory of gamification in a whole new, inspiring way. By putting sensors and led lighting on a bottle recycling bin, VW…

VW Makes the World Healthier With A Fun New Experiment

| Electronics Integration, Gamification | No Comments
The Fun Theory is an interesting and compelling new initiative from Voltzwagen. Utilizing the theory of gamification and integrating electronics into everyday tasks... SHARE ARTICLE…

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